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Focus on the environment

Global warming, Climate change, Carbon Emissions, Green House Gases and Building Regulations are all currently in the headlines.

New legislations and Policies are tightening up standards to protect our environment for future generations.

Manufacturers are pushing technology boundaries to produce the most efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Responsible installers should have safe refrigerant handling procedures.

Responsible and accountable for refrigeration tracking.
Pride air-conditioning is fully committed to protecting our future environment.

System Owners
Under the proposed F Gas regulations Building owners will be required to act responsibly for air-conditioning systems which contain more than 3kg’s of refrigerant.
The regulations will require regular system checks to ensure that no leaks have occurred – Do not be concerned, regular maintenance can cover this procedure and ensure the best possible efficiency from your systems.

Manufacturers, Installers and System Owners must work together to protect our environment.
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